Flower of Life - Art park

Helsinki, Pikku Huopalahti

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Kalevala maiden of the air   Colums of cultures

sun swing

pyramide and armadillo
labyrinth mosaic
koivis / tree guardian World through colors radiant of the earth


How to find:
Tram number 10 to Tilkantori, at the
beach of Tilkanniitty


Situated at the beautiful shore of Pikku Huopalahti's bay, hidden between the trees, the art park gives a pleasant environment to everybody to experience art in everyday life. The works are especially designed for children under 3 years and are meant to be touched and tried, mediating feelings of dimensions form and matter.

You can for example enjoy yourself lying with your baby in the pyramid listening to the bells in the wind.The pyramid is not made for ancient pharaohs but in honour of small children. It is guarded by four animals. But one of them, the armadillo, forgot his task and left for a walk.The ideas taken from different cultures are to make one feel as part of them all.

There is no fence around the park but there is a gate with mother and father figures, which represent the passage through which we have come to this world. The dog statue next to the pool welcomes the visitors and waits to be scratched. Animal figures, which are very important to children, are strongly presented in the park.

“The World in colors”, the big glass sculpture invites to play hide and seek. The different colours can be seen as differed ways to see this world. The work ”Radiant Earth” wants to awaken the idea of birth, growth and deformation.

The work ”Koivis the Tree Guardian” is a figure but also a playhouse. Children can climb on the pants and go in to the jacket, the place where adults can't fit! Starting point for this work was to combine a work of art with a living tree. Further between the trees is the "Sun swing" with fairy figures.

The colonnade is a group of real size sculptures of children from all colours and cultures. In their hands they have instruments the visitors can play with. A character from Kalevala, “Maiden of the air” is swimming in the grass. Children can crawl through the statue.

In the middle of the labyrinth “The Flower of Life” is a mosaic made by 12-year-old Satria Sutisna. The idea of the labyrinth is from the Rheims Cathedral. The work reminds us that we are babies just for a while but always part of the universe.

"Fleur de vie" artpark (Flower of Life artpark II) in France: One work of each of the three artist will be unveiled on 11.10.2006



Sculptor Johanna Häiväoja (b. 1960) lives in the middle of apple trees in Normandy France but also spends a lot of her time working in Finland. She has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris 1989.

The main artists of the art park is Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna (b. 1965). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 1989 and studied in Berlin, Bali and Cuba. In her art she combines nature, elements from different cultures, visual art and dance.

Rosegarden is an art collective created by artist Jan-Erik Andersson (b. 1954) and architect Erkki Pitkäranta (b. 1950). Basis of their work are joy, humour, stories and nature, which inspire them in their works combining art and architecture.

Sponsors, thanks


EU culture 2000 (support programme of the European Community)

Glitterbird project (Art for children under 3 years)

Helsingin Rakennusvirasto (Helsinki Public Works Department)

Finnish Ministery of education

Helsinki Cultural office

Lohja Rudus (concrete company)

Lappset group (Playground equipment)


Other / Thanks

Pajutex            Maalerimestarien OY            Hämeen Ammatikorkeakoulu            Lauri mehto OY            Pro Artibus

Isan tamine            Heltec            Vallilan ammattikoulu            Tectum OY            Jaakko Tuote OY        IMG Interiors

demokraatinen naisverkko

Lapset kertovat (Children are Telling)   

PAND (Performers and artists for nuclear disarmament)