The Wings Organization (Siivet), is taking part in an international
project which is directed towards the art experience of the very young
children between ages 0-3.

The project is lead by the Oslo University College and six European
countries are involved with several art projects in which the very small
children are the target group.

What is Glitterbird?

Glitterbird started already in year 2000 in Norway and was then called "Klangfugl". It has now developed to a 3-year EU-sponsored multicultural art project and called:-Glitterbird - Art for the very young.

"Finland is participating in the project with three art projects lead by Siivet - The Wings organization. Glitterbird-project has got EU-sponsorship and is lead by the Oslo University College.

Which countries are participating?

The six participating countries are Norway, Finland, France, Denmark, Hungary and Italy. The project is lead by the Oslo University College. Norway has already got years of experience around the subject. From each country a different kind of art organization is involved, for example from Hungary the participant is a traditional puppet theatre, a well appreciated art form in Hungary. Finland is represented by he Wings, a small organization consisting of freelance artists and mainly developing projects of our own. The emphasis of our work is on international, multicultural and lateral art. The art forms vary from stage performances to photo-exhibitions.

What exactly is going to happen?

Every participating country is going to establish three to four art projects with emphasis on producing art and artistical experiences for the very young (age 0 to 3). The aim is to produce performances and art experiences in which the child will be both the participant and the viewer. The artists are professionals and free to express their own art and ideas but with this special goal in mind. In Finland, we hope that the project will awake the cultural sector and everybody who has contact with children.

What is documented and how?

All the projects are documented. Every country will document their own projects using photo, video and other media. Also final reports are made. Later on, a book will be produced about the whole Glitterbird-project. There will be series of articles, homepages and a video movie where all the participating countries will show what happened. Hopefully the media will be highly interested to document Glitterbird, in that way providing yet another viewpoint to the whole.

Are we going to meet children from different countries in art projects even in our country?

Yes, the project has got a budget of EU-money for touring, which means that the involved countries will send groups abroad performing their projects in the other participating countries. So, in each country there will be both international and national baby-projects.

Who has shown interest on these projects?

The leader of the whole project, Ellen Os from Oslo University College, told in an interview that lots of interest is found among the people who work with children, especially in the field of pedagogics. Also parents are keen to see how their children manage in the wonderful and special situations provided by the artists. But she also tells that surprisingly some artists have been critical of how to make art of quality with such small children. Today we can see that the projects have anyway proved to be of great success and the children keep on surprising all the audiences. A clear indication of past success is the fact that we now see the Glitterbird grown to a large scale international project with support from the EU.

Carl-Johan Häggman
(The article has some quotations from the homepages of the Norwegian Arts Council, Norsk Kulturråd,



Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna                                               
Project Leader of the Finnish Delegation
tel. +358 41 533 5206


·Autumn 1998 – spring 1999: pre-project Klangfugl – kulturformidling med de minste (Klangfugl - cultural exchange with the very young) producer: Norsk kulturråd, Norway. The project had five sub-projects.
· 2000 – 2002: A three year project Klangfugl – kunst for de minste (Klangfugl - Art for the Very Young): 16 artists and artist groups got support for their project in which art was transmitted to the children of ages 0 to 3 years.
· Norsk kulturråd granted 3,2 million Nkr to a three-year project.  Also 662.000 Nkr was given for the project.
· In autumn 2002 Norsk kulturråd grants 80.000 Nkr for prepairing the EU-project Glitterbird – Art for the Very Young.
EU-commission grants 6,5 million Nkr for the Glitterbird-project. The total budget is 11 million Norwegian crowns.
· Year 2003 Norsk Kulturråd grants 400.000 Nkr for the Norwegian expenditures and the same year also 300.000 Nkr for year 2004 and 210.000 Nkr for the third year (2005) of the project.
· In Autumn 2003 Siivet participates the three-year long international EU-project called Glitterbird- Art for the Very Young. The project will last to the end of the year 2006.
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