Keanne van de Kreeke


Visual Art- illustrations and installations

married with Dirk and mother of 2 children (2,5 and 5 years old)

Born 1974 in Netherlands,

moved to Belgium 1975,

moved to Finland 1999


- art academy in Antwerp 1992-1996, "master in audio- and visual art",

- art academy Norway, Bergen 1996

- shiatsu-therapy 1996-1999

- several workshops (bookbinding, papermaking...)


I see my work divided in my diary work (biographical large chalk paper paintings) and my work in communication, searching for a dialogue, with surroundings.


The last few years, especially after having own children, I started to feel more and more fascinated by the language of baby s and children.

I've been working around their sensitive playfulness as well as this kind of sensitivity preserved inside the adult, for the last few years, also considering the communication between these processes and groups

In this process of observation, I seem to be drawn very much to create space(s) in which each person can choose from more possibilities (2-3) which are from a same theme but with subtle differences. So each can search for an own central point or rhythm to continue the process of observation inside the exhibition. (see for example hug bags and pink and blue-eggs on my website)

The materials I use are mixed. Looking for the material in a certain situation intrigues me. It feels like the communication between 2 or more different materials or disciplines creates a space for that sensitivity and playfulness.

This project for the Glitterbird ("memory-eggs"- part of the installation in the performance "Star Sky Temple"), feels like a wonderful chance to continue this process of searching and exploring.


Keanne´s daughter Jaate and the "Memory Egg"

(Photo: Keanne van de Kreeke)