Helsinki Glitterbird touring - Performances

Helsinki, Annan talo (Annankatu 30)

Laurent Dupont: Folds/Sounds - Plis/sons
(Sat 23.9.2006: 15.00; Sun 24.9.2006: 15.00 & 16.30; Mon 25.9.2006: 9.30 )

PerformanceSirkus: The Shaman’s Journey - Tietäjän matka
(We 13.9.2006: 9.30 &10.30; Fri 15.9.2006: 9.30 &10.30; Sat 16.9.2006: 14.00 & 15.00; Sun 17.9.2006: 14.00 & 15.00 )

Tickets: weekday mornings 4€, weekend 5€
Bookings: +358-9-169 3735.

Invited are especially 0-3 year old children, their parents and interested; no language experiences required


Laurent Dupont: Folds/Sounds - Plis/sons (18 months - 4 years)


photo: source © 2006 AMALYS Production-Diffusion-Formation

"A singer engages in an exciting dialogue with paper in a beautiful blue world: crinkling, crackling, crunching to produce a song without words and a rainbow of sounds.

The performance invites babies and toddlers and their parents to embark on a visual journey in sound."

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PerformanceSirkus: The Shaman’s Journey - Tietäjän matka      (0- 5 years)

photo: Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna

"The Journey of the Wise Man is a colourful, cheerful and peaceful performance designed for very young children. The aesthetic milieu with its paintings, sculptures and sounds provides a setting for a performance without words and warm, shared intimacy between a child and an accompanying adult.

The creation is inspired by “Star Sky Temple”, which was performed in the Children Theatre Festival in Helsinki 2005. “The Journey of the Wise Man” has developed to a more story based performance, to a storytelling auditory drama.

Performance-artist Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna’s paintings and sculpture and graphic artist Keanne van de Kreeke’s Memory Eggs create the surrounding, the installation, in which the story takes place. This cross art performance contains elements from old Finnish traditions, which can especially be heard in the vocal sounds of the singer Riitta Leivo. At the end of the performance the children can go into the world of the Wise Man. They are allowed to come and play with the items of the performance.

 The story itself is simple but engaging. The Wise Man comes to a beautiful shore and begins to look around. He finds a piece of an egg, and having investigated it for a while he sees a huge egg, which has a hole on the top. The piece covers a part of it. Inside the egg he finds a little ball and begins to play with it. Soon he discovers another egg nearby and goes into it. When he comes back out of there he sees a white feather. While he is playing with his feather a bird appears to the scene. On the back of the bird is the last piece of the egg. Having put the last piece of the egg into its place the Wise Man returns to the sea.


 There are two characteristics in the performance: the Wise Man and the Sea Woman.

 The Wise Man (Vesa-Petteri Asikainen) is the main character. The Wise Man is an ancient character, who travels trough eternity. He is like a brother character to Väinämöinen, the main character in Finnish epic Kalevala.

 The Sea Woman (Riitta Leivo) is the musician and the singer of the performance. She only takes part to the performance through her live music, which contains elements from old Finnish traditions. The model of the Sea woman is also from Kalevala, a young woman Aino." (